As a design company with a tradition, we understand that BIM (Building Information Modeling) brings rapid and irreversible changes in the way of planning, design, construction and maintenance of structures.

Successful implementation of this approach and technology ensures long-term competitiveness, enhances quality and productivity, and meets the expectations of our customers.

That is why we at INTEGRA have started and successfully implemented a shift of the working method from 2D oriented project to work and design with 3D information models of infrastructure facilities.

We have conducted training and implementation of software solutions such as Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Revit and Sofistik, and today we are ready to offer the services of creating 3D BIM as-built models of structures as new objects in the BIM environment.

The application of BIM is a continuous process, and therefore we keep our advancement into the world of digital twins of our infrastructure facilities.