INTEGRA provides design, professional supervision and consulting services in transport and utility infrastructure.

 Achieving the highest quality service and the most optimal solutions, while meeting the requirements of our clients, our own employees and owners, are the underlying principles of our work.

 Founded in 1995, INTEGRA built an office building at Dr. Ante Starčevića bb in Mostar in 2001, where it has been based ever since.

 The main activity of the company is consulting services in civil engineering:


  • design of transport facilities (roads, motorways, railways and airports)
  • design of hydraulic engineering infrastructure (road drainage and water protection systems, wastewater drainage for settlements and industry, wastewater treatment, water supply systems, pumping stations)
  • design of engineering structures (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, retaining structures)
  • geological exploration works and geotechnical design (geological-geomechanical studies, water source protection, documentation of exploration works, geotechnical engineering missions, geotechnical projects)
  • professional supervision and consulting (in the field of transport and utility infrastructure)

Design in transport infrastructure

Designs (conceptual and main) of motorways, main, regional and other roads.

Railway and airport projects.

Supervision and consulting

A significant part of our services is professional supervision of construction of: roads, engineering structures, water and utility infrastructure facilities.

Field work and investigations

These services include exploratory drilling, geophysical exploration, geological mapping, preparation of studies and documentation of investigations. 


BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modeling, which is a methodology relying on an intelligent, data-rich model as a basis for design, simulation and collaboration through all project phases.



Intersection M 6.1 Spanish Square and Intersection M 6.1 and Kardinala Stepinca Street in Mostar

Integra developed variant conceptual solutions, traffic analysis and the main design for selected optimal variants for the reconstruction of the intersection on the main road M6.1 at the locations Spanish Square and the junction with Kardinala Stepinca Street (near Hotel Ero) in Mostar.

A turbo-roundabout type of intersection, the first of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was designed at the Spanish Square location. A conventional four-leg signalized intersection was designed at the location of the junction of the road M6.1 with Kardinala Stepinca Street.

The aim of the project is to improve traffic safety and capacity through the implementation of adequate traffic solutions for these intersections, considering that they are located on the main city traffic artery in the north-south direction.


We have licenses to perform the design work in the company’s activity fields:

  • License for performing the activities of designing construction projects of roads, overpasses, underpasses, culverts and retaining structures
  • License for performing the design activities in the field of civil engineering (tunnels, bridges and viaducts), hydraulic engineering, and waste management facilities and projects
  • License for performing the design activities for geotechnical projects
  • License for preparation of project documentation on the basis of which water acts are issued for complex water structures – group A


These can be viewed in the pictures below.